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How To Repurpose Cans For a Homemade Humidifer

Winter dries everything out.

Turning on the furnace signals a long, cold winter ahead and the drying out of the house, the plants and us.  By Spring, I feel like a tough old piece of jerky.

I’m too cheap to buy a humidifier and my self-reliant side always inspires me to figure out how to make what I need with what I have on hand.


Growing up on the homestead, we had forced air heat and my parents would always set  tin cans full of water on the registers to provide some humidity.  I seem to remember them using Hi-C cans because we had a lot of them.  (I was a kid and I enjoyed Hi-C! ;))

In my own home, we have a hot water based heating system, so I had to scale back the size of the cans to balance them on the wall mounted registers.  I found that the standard 15 oz can that veggies come in, is about the perfect size.  I don’t buy a lot of canned veggies, so this time of year I start saving cans to use for winter humidifiers.

Free Room Humidifier  Free Room Humidifier  Free Room Humidifier

How to Make a Free Room Humidifier

  1.  Use a pliers to push down any jagged edges on your cans.
  2. Thoroughly wash your tin cans and dry them.
  3. If you want them decorated, now is the time to do it.  Maybe some pretty fabric glued on?
  4. Assemble 3 or 4 in a row and connect them with paper clips (This helps the balancing act).
  5. Either screw hooks into the walls, being careful to avoid any wiring, or adhere large magnets to your wall.  I’ve done both and they both work!
  6. If you’ve used hooks, attach a pretty ribbon  or rick rack around the cans, tying them to the hooks.
  7. Fill your cans with water and be sure to refill them weekly.
  8. In the Spring, just recycle the cans!

I’ll be the first to admit that this method probably does not work quite as well as a big humidifier, but between these in each room, cooking, showers and houseplants, I have noticed a big difference in the house during the winter.  For my personal experience, I have had far fewer sinus problems since I started using the tin can humidifiers.

I looked online and a typical portable humidifier is about $49.97.  Cans are free!

MONEY SAVED $49.97!!