How to Freeze Horseradish

I LOVE horseradish.  :)

I love the look of the plant, the smell of the root and especially the taste!  Every autumn I can hardly wait to dig up a big chunk of the root and prepare it for freezing.

When we bought our home, I noticed some huge, strange looking plants in the corner of the lot, but I wasn’t sure what they were.  As always, I asked my daughter, who identified them as horseradish.  It took me a while to get brave enough to dig some up and use it, but once I did, I was hooked!

I harvest the root in the fall because I seem to remember reading that it tastes best after a frost. This year, I dug up a big ol’ chunk of root from one of the bigger plants.  (Always leave enough of the root so it can continue to grow.)

All I do to prepare horseradish for freezing, is: scrub it, peel it, and grate it.   It sounds deceivingly easy.

How to Freeze Horseradish    How to Freeze Horseradish  How to Freeze Horseradish

If you have ever grated horseradish, you know that you would be wise to employ as gas mask.  I  took the reckless route, grating the root by hand, in several short intervals, coming back to it when my eyes weren’t watering profusely and I could see clearly again.  My final prize being a nice pile of horseradish for the winter and extremely clear sinuses!

Then I just spread it out on the cutting board and pop it in the freezer to partially freeze it.  When it’s frozen enough to not stick together, I transfer it to a jar and put it back in the freezer.  It’s ready to use by the spoon-full, whenever I need it!  (Horseradish is the “secret ingredient” in my potato salad.)

How to Freeze Horseradish

Here is some interesting information on the horseradish from the International Herb Association.


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