How to Make a Decorative String Holder

From gardening and cooking, to everyday chores, there are 101 uses for string.

Whether you use cooking string or twine, there is a cheap and easy way to make a decorative, portable string holder you will enjoy using!

How to Make a Decorative String Holder

This winter, my hubby surprised me with a thoughtful gift.  He converted an old kitchen canister into a string holder.  I use a lot of twine in the garden and his gift allows me to transport my twine where ever I need it, in a decorative, easy to clean and mostly waterproof container.  What a joy!

I don’t know if you haunt the thrift stores like we do, but if you do, I’m sure you’ve noticed a variety of kitchen canisters for sale.  There is seldom a whole set, but you can always make some use of the old canisters.  I personally like the old metal ones, even if they’re rusty on the inside.  The patterns are old fashioned and very pretty, plus they can be used for keeping critters out of seed, for storing a bunch of nails or screws, or for a string holder!

How to Make a String Holder:

  • Find a canister you like
  • Take the lid off and lay it top side down on a piece of wood (that will keep the lid from denting when you pound the nail through)
  • Find a nail about the side of the string you’ll be using
  • Locate the center of your lid (or just eye-ball it!)
  • Pound the nail through the lid
  • Sand around the hole with a metal nail file (so your string won’t snag)
  • Pop your string into the can, feed the string through the hole, replace the lid and enjoy!

How to Make a Decorative String Holder

If you can’t find a canister you like, buy an ugly one and decorate it!


  • If you have a shop and have a need for tying packages with string, a decorative canister can easily be attached to your counter!
  • If you are a crafter, the canisters can be used for ribbon, too!

Online, string holders average about $15.00.  Our canister cost us $.50!!

MONEY SAVED: $14.50!!!


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