Starting Tomatoes From Seed Saves A Lot of Money

This year, I will admit, I got a little carried away with starting seedlings.

Saving Money  Starting Tomatoes From Seed

I started lots of herbs, flowers, grapes (from cuttings), peppers and tomatoes.

Among the tomatoes, were Yellow Pear (because I love eating them as I wander around in the garden), Pink Brandywine (best BLT’s ever!) and Romas (sauce).

I over-planted, with the thought of leaving the best looking seedlings and pulling the others.  I wanted 10 tomato plants for the garden this year.

Saving Money  Starting Tomatoes From Seed

Well, that was the plan, anyway.

All of the seedlings looked healthy and I couldn’t stand the thought of throwing any of them away, so I transplanted all of them. 😛

Saving Money  Starting Tomatoes From Seed

I ended up with 10 Yellow Pear, 17 Brandywine and 48 Roma….that’s 75 tomato plants!

I lost about 12 plants by experimenting with putting them out in the garden early, but covering them overnight.  That did not work so well.  I think I needed a more secure structure and heavier plastic.   (Good to know for the future.)

I gave a few to my daughter, who is also an avid gardener.

I planted the 10 I wanted in my garden, which left me with a huge bunch of tomatoes with no place to go.

After about a week of deliberation, I decided to plant the remainder of the tomatoes in a variety of open spaces; around a tree stump, by a rose bush, in front of the veggie garden and in a flower bed.

I now have 43 tomato plants growing vigorously and setting beautiful tomatoes.  I can hardly wait to see how many pounds I’ll end up with!

Affording 75 tomato plants would have been impossible for me, but being the frugal person I am, I used left over seed from the year before and bought one packet of seeds when they went on sale.

Dirt was free (from my garden), seedling cells were free (saved from other plants I’ve gotten).  All the seeds cost $7.50 total.

Heirloom tomato plants at greenhouses would cost about $4.00 each.  75 plants @ $4.00 each = $300.00.

MONEY SAVED: $292.50!!!

Plus, I got the joy of sharing plants and expanding my knowledge with the ability to experiment with low cost plants!


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