Use Egg Cartons in Your Garden

About a year ago, I started saving egg cartons with the thought that I would maybe have chickens someday and would need the cartons.

Uses Egg Cartons in Your Garden

It didn’t occur to me that the cartons would accumulate rather quickly and I would end up looking like I’m hoarding them. 😛  It’s a little embarrassing.

Fast forward to now…..summer is in full swing and like most summers, the weeds are winning.

I’ve been reading about No-till farming and Lasagne Gardening and they sound like fantastic ideas!

So, here comes the idea with the egg cartons.  Possible future chickens are going to waaaaaay in the future, so it’s better to use the cartons now and I don’t see why the egg cartons wouldn’t work for blocking out the weeds.

I have a circular flower garden where I grow a variety of Sedums and a Clematis.  Since I started feeding the birds with black oil sunflowers, (the feeder is right beside the garden) the sedums are struggling and thistles have taken over.  I wonder if there are some thistle seeds in with the sunflowers?

Uses Egg Cartons in Your Garden

I weeded the garden and laid down egg cartons and put the pulled weeds on top (being careful to pull off the flowers first).

Uses Egg Cartons in Your Garden

This fall I’ll add leaves and if I can get some straw, I’ll add that too.  Keeping my fingers crossed that this will work, but I may have to move my Sedums and do something else with this garden.

That’s the cool thing about gardens…they are a work in progress.  Always evolving!

I’m also trying this technique in the veggie garden, around the squash.  This fall, I’m planning on laying cardboard over the whole veggie garden, plus adding a bunch of leaves.  More on that this fall!

Uses Egg Cartons in Your Garden

Is anybody else trying this?  How is it working for you?

I like the idea of the cardboard breaking down and everything that’s used, eventually being nourishment for the soil.  Much better than weed fabric, plus you save a lot of money!

Weed fabric is about $105.00 for 750 square feet.  Cardboard and egg cartons you can get for free!

MONEY SAVED: $105.00!!


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