Enjoying Simple Pleasures

Every morning, I like to take about half an hour to walk around the back yard and fill my senses with nature’s wonderful bounty.  Walking through the grass, getting dew on my shoes, listening to the birds sing their cheerful songs, seeing the sun rise above the tree tops, smelling the sweet perfume of blossoms as they dance in the breeze…..what a beautiful way to start the day!

I want to share some of the things I enjoying looking at every morning.


My Clematis is blooming like crazy!

Antique Enamelware

Bought some enamelware at a farm auction, recently.  (Still have the sunburn)  It belonged to the family of a life-long friend.  I’ll treasure these pieces.


Waiting for the raspberries to ripen!

Parsnip Seeds

Tenacious parsnips that survived a brutal winter and went to seed this year.

New Grape Vine

One of two new grape vines I propagated over the winter.

Hops Vine

New hops vine, from a division of an old plant.  Love the smell of hops!

Grapes on the Vine

This is a fantastic year for grapes!  Can hardly wait to make jelly!!!!


I have tons of Yarrow.  Surprising what one plant can do, given enough time.

Mock Orange

Mock Orange.  Love the spicy scent!

Mock Orange

Love Mock Orange so much, I started another plant from the seed of the big one!


I love the spicy/sweet smell of Petunias!  I always start them from seed saved from the previous year.


A few of the volunteer sunflowers in the yard.  I feed the birds black oil sunflowers and there are always new plants popping up every year.  The birds and squirrels love them!


Honeysuckle and Hostas!  The honeysuckle creates a little tunnel that Heidi (our dog) likes to hide under.

Hope you enjoyed my simple pleasures.  More to come later  🙂


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