Sharing Plants and Saving Money

Dividing perennials helps them to stay healthy and grow vigorously, plus you get extras to transplant or share!

I have always treasured getting mature plants from people.  Mature plants from divisions are a year or two ahead of what you can get in the greenhouses, plus there is always a story that goes with them!  I love hearing how old plants are, where they came from and how they got to where they are today.

Sharing Plants and Saving Money

Sharing and receiving plants is its own form of “community”.  Like-minded people propagating what nature grows, sharing knowledge, caring for the earth, and caring enough for each other to share what they love.

Last fall, I transplanted some irises that I originally dug up from the homestead where I grew up.  I’ve had them for about 20 years!  They have followed me where ever I have gone, and they are going to be trying out a new spot in the yard. Those Irises have grown in Minnesota, North Dakota, and soon some of them will be growing in Iowa!

I shared some of my perennials with my daughter, who now has a nice place to grow plants.  She will be getting irises that her grandmother once grew, plus a bunch of lilies I’ve had for years.  (Which I got from a friend of mine!)

Irises, sharing plants and saving money

Mom, me and the Irises!

In light of how much sharing plants can mean, it almost seems wrong to point out how much money it also saves.  However, in the spirit of frugal gardening, let’s figure it out!

Gallon buckets of plants are usually $10.00 + and I’m giving my daughter 6 buckets of a variety of large, healthy plants that are homegrown and mother approved. ;)

MONEY SAVED $60.00!!

Passing on mom’s irises….priceless!


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