Thrift Store Bag Sales: Clothes for Next To Nothing

I grew up with hand-me-downs, homemade clothes and used clothes, so second hand, out of fashion clothing does not bother me a bit.  In fact, it’s very seldom that I ever buy new clothes.

Bag Sale

Although it’s getting harder to find, there still are thrift stores that have bag sales, where you can put as much clothing as you can fit into a paper bag and pay a flat price.


I’ll let you in on a little secret.  By rolling the clothing up, you’ll get more in the bag!

The ones I like are casual bag sales, that offer all clothes with a certain colored tag as part of the bag sale.  I say casual, because if a store offers a bag sale of all their clothing for 1 day only, it gets hit with a crowd that acts like a rabid pack of jackals.  I understand why that’s going out of fashion…it can really get unpleasant and ugly.

  • Most thrift stores spray their clothing with deodorizers or disinfectants, so be aware of that.  It helps keep their store from smelling musty, but if you have allergies, this can cause some problems.  When I wash thrift store clothing, I have found that putting some vinegar in with my homemade laundry detergent can help take that horrible smell away.


I found 15 pieces of clothing and paid $4.00!!  27 cents a piece for shirts and pants.  Hard to beat that!!  Some of the clothing still had stickers, so there were never even worn.


I also got a jacket because I love the buttons!  Where else are you going to find 3 large buttons for 27 cents?

According the the thrift store price tags, these clothes would have been $43.00.  But, if I had to buy them new, it would have cost at least $250.00 and maybe even more, since some of them were nice name brands.

MONEY SAVED $246.00!!


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