An Herb Garden For The Future

One of the many things I like about gardening, is that it is a work in progress.  An ever-changing canvas of colors, fragrance and beauty.

Herb Garden

During this past fall, I decided to remake one of my flower gardens into an herb garden.   I felt an herb garden would make better use of the space, be more “useful” in the culinary and medicinal sense, and be more inviting for the bees, as well.  With our big tree gone, I had the opportunity to spread my Lilies, Liatris and vintage Iris out over the yard, to make room for the herbs.

Herb Gardens

I mentioned my plans to my daughter and asked her to design an herb garden for me.  She very quickly sent me a beautifully designed herb garden, including some unusual herbs like Woad, Weld and Angelica.  I put the plans up on the wall and started dreaming of what the garden will look like in the years to come!

Reseda luteola

For Christmas this year, Amanda and Tom gave me over half the seeds I need to bring my garden to life!  David also got in on the fun and gave me a huge herb drying rack, so now I’m ready for my future herb garden!!

I will be starting all the plants from seed and as my plants grow, I plan to collect the seeds, to help carry on the tradition of seed saving!  I’ll post more about my herb garden as it comes to life!!!


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