How to Repurpose Vintage Jell-O Molds

How to Re-Purpose Vintage Jello Molds

Do you have vintage molds laying around getting dusty?

Get them out and put them to use!!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Mold rice, potatoes or couscous for a fancy touch
  • Mold ice cream into a stylish dessert
  • Make herbed butters and mold them for special dinners or buffets
  • Make fancy ice cubes for punch
  • Make fudgecicles
  • Mold fancy soaps
  • Mold candles
  • Use them to hold small items in drawers
  • Use them for your crafts
  • Let your kids use them in the sandbox
  • Make a wind chime
  • Make interesting lighting
  • Make a bell
  • Make abstract art
  • Make them part of a “Vintage Gift Basket” for a bridal shower

Just let your imagination fly!


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