Free Garden Furniture! Repurposing Found Items

For me, part of being self-reliant, is re-purposing what I have into something that I need.  Not only do I save a lot of money, but I also come up with some pretty unique items.

Free Garden Furniture

My garage, which is always full of “stuff” from rummage sales, thrift stores, etc. (never any room for the car, of course), is my first choice for scrounging when I am in need of something.  I’m always amazed by what I find in there and I usually don’t remember where it came from.  I do have a theory that it multiplies on its own, but I’ll talk about that some other time. 😉

Along with my various do-dads and what-nots, there is a heavy sprinkling of whatchamathings from berm shopping.  Every year, our city has a clean up week where you can pretty much throw out everything in your house and you won’t get charged extra for garbage pick-up.  Of course, that week is open hunting season for junkers like us who go driving around, filling up our cars with things we think we can sell, upcycle or use.

Over the past couple of years, I had gathered lawn chairs, antique cupboard doors, and a small collection of bases from bird baths, which got me thinking that I had all the ingredients for a pretty awesome set of garden furniture!

Free Garden Furniture Free Garden Furniture


I like the rustic look of these pieces, but I will have to paint the chairs to preserve them and tighten up the bolts a bit.  I even grabbed a tree stump to use as a foot rest!  Now I have the perfect area to set and relax and enjoy some peaceful moments of watching the birds and looking at my gardens.

I never would have been able to afford patio furniture and I have to admit that I really like the looks of this more than the stuff I see in the big box stores.

I saw something similar to this online (2 wooden chairs with a little table in between) and it was selling for $225.00!  It looked nice, but it didn’t have the character that my “Frankenstein” set has…, I really enjoyed making it myself out of free stuff!

MONEY SAVED $225.00!!


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