Free Plant Food From Dandelions

Free Plant Food From Dandelions

I always start a bunch of seedlings in the spring, and this year is no exception.  In fact, I went a bit overboard.  I always over-seed and thin.  This year, I over-seeded, but decided to transplant instead of thin.  Hence the 48 Roma, 17 Brandywine, and 10 Yellow Pear tomatoes, 20 Genovese Basil and 24 Jalepeno.   I also started other peppers and a bunch of flowers and herbs.  Like I said, I went a little overboard. 😛

Seedlings need to be fed, not just watered, and as tempting as it is to use my fish fertilizer, I’m pretty sure I would get thrown out of the house for causing that kind of stink!  However, much like compost tea, fish fertilizer tea needs to be brewed for about a week.  I needed food NOW!

Then it dawned on me….what do people eat as a spring tonic?  A free food that grows profusely and is full of nutrients…..Dandelions!!

So, I went foraging for dandelions in my yard and came up with a nice bunch for cooking.

Free Plant Food From Dandelions

I took the dandelions, dirt and leaves and put them in a big enamelware pot, half-filled with water and started cooking them down.

Free Plant Food From Dandelions

The end result looked like this!  I mixed this with some rain water and gave all my plants a good soaking.  The leftover cooked dandelions made their way to the compost pile.

I’m happy to report that the seedlings are looking like they’re loving it!

I’m also happy to report that I saved time, didn’t use any gas by driving to a store and saved money by making my own.  Self-reliance win!!

Money saved by not buying commercial plant food:  $8.84.


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