How To Donate More Than You Can Afford

There are times when a community or family puts on a benefit event to help someone who is in need.

Our hearts go out to those people and we want to help, not only because it’s human nature, but also because we can see ourselves in those situations and can empathize.

Every little bit helps, but I never have enough money to donate to causes to make me feel like I’m helping out very much.  However, I did learn a very nice way of donating more than I can afford!

I look for silent auctions or bake sales.

I realize that other people have more money to donate than I do, so I can help out more by supplying items for people to buy!

homemade afghan

A few years ago, a benefit was being held to help defray medical bills for a relative of mine.  The only money I could have donated was $20.00, but I saw they were having a silent auction.  I donated 6 handmade afghans I had crocheted and later found out that my afghans had raised $250.00 toward defraying those medical bills!  Win-Win!

I love crocheting afghans every winter, plus I love to bake!  It’s an easy way for me to be able to help people out much more than I could otherwise, and I’m more than happy to do it.

No matter how much or how little you make, you can always help someone out.  That’s what it’s all about!

homemade afghan


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