Gardening Calendar

Usually, I am familiar with my crops and harvest them according to the size I like them for flavor and tenderness.

Garden Calendar

However, once in a while I need a reminder.  For instance, I’m a newbie to growing parsnips, so I had to look at the package to see when they are considered mature.

This year, I’m also trying out a new bunch of herbs.  Since I’m not familiar with their growth, having a garden calendar will help.  On my garden calendar, I write down when the “new to me” crops will be mature and I try to figure out a fertilizing schedule that works for most of the crops.  I also make comments if some of the plants need special attention.

Having a fertilizing schedule also helps when you make your own fertilizer, like fish fertilizer, since you need to start brewing your tea a couple weeks in advance.

Another option is keeping a garden journal.  All the special notations and schedules can be kept there.  An added plus to a journal is that you also have room to comment on what works and what doesn’t.

garden journal, gardening

Garden Journals: Keeping Track of Triumphs and Failures

Every year is a learning process and it’s good to keep notes to refresh your memory.  In time, you probably won’t need your journal quite as much, as gardening will be second nature to you.  When this happens, it will be time to pass your journal on to someone who is just starting out in gardening.  Your years of wisdom will be an enormous help to them!


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