13 Reasons to Get Fresh Air Daily

Actually, there are 365 reasons to get fresh air daily, but I thought I would point out just a few to get you started.

I LOVE spending time outside, quite often catching amazing glimpses of nature just because I am there!  The more I see, the more I want to go out again.

Here in the upper Midwest, we have four very distinct seasons and each have a lot to offer besides the fresh air that clears your mind and refreshes your body.

We have a local TV commercial up here that ends with “there is so much to do here, stay healthy for it”.   ‘Nuff said.

Here are 13 Reasons to Get Fresh Air Daily:


  1. Feed the birds
  2. Look for tracks in the snow
  3. Build snow forts.   **Did you know when the temps drop way below zero in the winter, we can throw a cup of boiling water up in the air and it will turn into ice crystals?  True story.   Spring, flowers
  4. Plant a garden
  5. Watch your garden grow
  6. Walk through the woods and look for Spring blossomsSummer, Flowers
  7. Water your plants with a watering can instead of a sprinkler
  8. Sit in a lawn chair and relax
  9. Make daily trips to your compost heapFall, pumpkin
  10. Listen to the rustling of the leaves
  11. Walk your dog
  12. Rake leaves and use them as mulch
  13. Have a campfire and watch the flames

There are so many reasons to go outside and everyone will have their own favorite reasons for getting fresh air daily.  Go out and enjoy it!


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