Garden Journals: Keeping Track of Triumphs and Failures

How to keep a garden journal, garden journalsDear Diary,

I started a garden journal to save time and money by keeping track of my gardening triumphs and failures.  I am also including my garden plans, plant rotations and gardening discoveries.

By keeping a garden journal, I will be honing my gardening skills, keeping track of my favorite seed companies and documenting my favorite plant varieties.

I’m keeping it simple, using a composition notebook that a local thrift store had on sale for 10 cents and making columns with headings; filling it in as the summer progresses.  Here’s what it looks like.

garden journal, gardening

garden journal, gardening

How to Make a Garden Journal

Here are the things I find essential to keep track of, but you may have others:

  • Crop
  • Seed Company
  • Yield
  • Comments

This was my journal from last year and my comments indicated how the plants grew for me.  We also experienced a drought last summer.  (Which I need to add to my journal!)

Lots of lessons learned that will help save money down the road!


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