How to Make Re-Purposed Clothespin Bags

This spring, I am planning on having a clothesline and enjoying the fresh scent of clothes and bedding dried in the sun and wind.

Since I’m a person who likes to plan ahead, I already was thinking about a clothespin bag.

I still have one that I made when I was a kid, and entered into the Ottertail County Fair.  I seem to remember getting a red ribbon for that.  It was always my baking that won the blue ribbons! :)

My old bag still works fine, but it has a few design flaws.  To make it, you have to cut a wooden piece and drill 4 holes, then sew 4 buttons on, to hold the bag in place.  Also, whenever you want to wash it, you have to take the buttons off and then sew them back on when the bag is dry.  It’s extremely sturdy and cute, but I wanted an update.

I went looking around the house at some vintage clothing we had and it dawned on me that the simplest solution would be to make one out of a shirt!

repurposed clothespin bag

Re-Purposed Clothespin Bag

The easiest way to make a re-purposed clothespin bag is to:

  • Find a sleeveless shirt and turn it inside out.
  • Cut it off about half way up
  • Sew it straight across.
  • When you turn it right side out again, hang it on any standard hanger and fill it with your clothespins.
  • You can access clothespins from the top or the sides!
  • To wash it, just take it off the hanger and dump your pins out.

How much easier can you get?

I used an old cotton housecoat, which I think it reminds me of my grandma or my mom.  I really had fun making mine.  In fact, I just kept on going and made a bunch of them and put them in our Etsy Store.  Yes, it’s open!  I thought they might make good gift ideas!

How to Make Re-Purposed Clothespin Bags How to Make Re-Purposed Clothespin Bags How to Make Re-Purposed Clothespin Bags

Well, now all I need is a clothesline!

Plain old clothespin bags are about $10.00, plus they have no pizazz.  Mine fits my personality and gives my fond memories of my childhood!

Money Saved $9.00!!


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