Re-purposing: Using A Vintage Portable Metal File For A Sewing Stand

The secret of re-purposing is keeping an open mind.


My hubby found a really cool vintage Vertiflex portable file cabinet at a thrift store for $2.00, which I immediately fell in love with it! (kind of LOVE mid century stuff)


I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to use it, so when that happens, these “gotta keep” items are put in our garage, which serves as our re-purposing warehouse.  I don’t think we’ve ever kept our cars in garage…my homesteading self sees that as a waste of space.  I even considered turning our garage into a barn until I discovered it was against the law in our town.  /grumble #@*&&


Anyway, back on topic…


As luck would have it, I was wandering through the garage one day, trying to figure out what might work for a sewing table, when it suddenly struck me that this file would work perfectly!


The vintage Vertiflex file is light-weight, has wheels for easy rolling and even has space where I can store seldom used sewing items or important things I want to keep safe.  A good example of this, is a bunch of hand made patterns from my mom.  When I was a kid, mom and grandma would sew stuffed children’s toys and sell them at the local farmers market.  Good memories!


Repurposed Portable Metal File


I found a couple of old mouse pads to use as a cushion between my sewing machine and the cabinet.  The bottom shelf holds my foot pedal for storage and I can roll the stand out to sew and when I’m done sewing, I roll it back into the closet.  It even has a handle to make rolling it around even easier!


I looked up sewing tables and was surprised to find just basic ones costing around $100.00.  O_O   Money Saved $98.00!!


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